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A reflection of Ringwood Heights from our school captains



At Ringwood Heights we have values that the students are encouraged to follow and live up to. The values are Respect, Responsibility, Creativity, Friendship and Teamwork. Our wonderful teachers help and encourage students to work on these values, which help us be great learners and people. At Ringwood Heights our students have lots of choice and say on how and what they learn; this helps us increase our independence and enjoyment in our learning.

We are so lucky that our school is filled with playgrounds, water taps, trees and nature that surround the school, and basketball courts for everyone to enjoy.


The Junior School has a wonderful forest to play and create cubbys in, where they have invented their currency (gemstones) for trading and buying items that the students create, as well as lots of playgrounds to play in.

In the level 1-2 classes they also visit the Melbourne Museum and then get to work on designing and presenting their own museum to parents and older levels. In this inquiry they bring in an old artifact as well as create a ‘Me in a Bag’ presentation where they bring in items that represent themselves.

There is also a Buddy Program involving the Preps and the Year 5s. The Buddies complete activities together and the Year 5s help their Prep buddies adjust to the school environment. 


The Year 3, 4, 5, and 6’s responsibility grows - to taking care of the kitchen garden where we clean and harvest our lovely fruits and vegetables which we give away at the end of the day to our school community and putting out bins each morning so that students have a place to put rubbish so that our school stays clean and tidy.

We have the honor of raising the Australian, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags every morning.

There are lots of hands-on activities for students to take part in including iTime where the students can choose a topic they are interested in and research about their passions. During the iTime process students also focus on a Learning Asset to develop in themselves. This helps them grow their researching, collaboration, thinking, communicating and self-managing skills. Another one of these fabulous activities is the Restaurant Inquiry. In this inquiry the year 5-6 students get to plan, design, and run a restaurant with their own choice of job and cuisine. This is great for our students giving them real world experience as well as a fun-filled inquiry.